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Remembering Ip Man 3

Seems like Eons ago, but once again, so grateful to Shaw Bosses, Shaw Organisation for inviting us to the Gala of Ip Man 3 Good times, never last, but memories will last forever. #ipman3 #ipman4 #donnieyen #SIM-VTK #wingchun #vingtsun

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Training in the Snow

Edward Ooi is a Senior Student of SIM-VTK and a devoted martial artist He has trained in Muay Thai under the Famed Master Johnny, Master Stephen Fox, Master Alvin Seet and has experienced real combat in Muay Thai matches in Thailand. Edward started in SIM- VTK 5 years back and is now the Instructor for…

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Guess whats happening on the 10th Dec at Lido?

  Thank you Shaw Organisation and the Bosses for the exclusive invitation to your Gala Premiere of Ip Man 4. It is going to be awesome. Hope I get the chance to take a picture with Donnie Yen.  Its every wingchun man’s dream. #Ipman4 #Donnieyen #wingchun #ipman — with Bertrand Lim and Bertrand Lim.

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