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  1. Ip Man Ving Tsun Kuen syllabus-  Siu Lim Tao (Beginners Form), Chum Kil (Intermediate Form), Biu Jee (Advance Form), Wooden Dummy (Mok Yan Jong), Lok Dim Bun Gwun (9 foot Rat Tail Pole), Bart Cham Dao (8 Chopping Knives), Chark Yiu (Synthesis of Sifu Ip Ching Art), Chi sao (Sensitivity Training) and Gor Sao (Sparring)


  • Practical and Devastating Self Defence- Drop anyone in 3 secs and less with impact weapons and empty hands. Pressure points, improvised weapons and takedowns that everyone can do.


  • Health Qigong and Healing- Cultivate your life force and learn to heal your body and others through the systems of Qi Vitality, Han Yang Ru Yi Qigong, Longevitology and Bioenergy


- Training-
Essential Information

Training Schedule

  1. Sat 9am-11am
  2. Sat 5pm-7pm

Cost $100 per month for 4 lessons

Equipment needed:

Covered shoes workout clothes


Blk 24 Ghim Moh Link @theRoof 3th Floor

- Skilled -

Master Bertrand Lim

  • Chief Instructor with 15 years of experience in Teaching Ving Tsun
  • Started training in Martial Arts since 1980
  • Singapore Tae Kwon Do Federation Senior Black Belt
  • Practitioner of Ving Tsun Kung Fu since 1999
  • Direct Student under Grandmaster Ip Ching
  • Certified Ving Tsun Athletic Association(VTAA) Instructor under Grandmaster Ip Ching
  • Permanent Member Ving Tsun Athletic Association(VTAA)
  • Instructor Certificate in Military Close Quarter Combat PTK under Tuhon Tim Waid, Trainer of the US Marines
  • Instructor of Healing and Health Qiqong
  • Practitioner of Longevitology
  • Practitioner of Bioenergy

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- Beginners -
Siu Lim Tao

This form is the foundation of Wing Chun. It is the first boxing set found within the Wing Chun system. In order for practitioners to obey true fighting principles they must observe Siu Lim Tao's techniques as examples of those principles. Consequently, applying correct fighting principles of Siu Lim Tao, such as, position of techniques, the correct energy of that technique, and the stance will allow technique to flow infinitely and naturally in unison with the enemy's action

There is only one stance to learn in this form, it is called Siu Lim Tao Ma, sometimes called Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma, or more simply, Jing Ma (balance stance)

- Intermediate -
Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu is considered the skill of Wing Chun and is the second form learnt. It is the practice of borrowing and deflecting incoming force from the opponent. Without the foundation of the first form, Chum Kiu is powerless because it capitalizes on the power and understanding of the first form.

The practitioner must practice the techniques to a high level of expertise so that he can use this proficiency in Yiu Ma (waist and stance) and in Biu Bo, stepping skills.

- Advance -
Biu Jee

Biu Jee demonstrates the application and generation of power(energy) in the Wing Chun system; the practice of generating power in two different directions at the same time; and application of power is now completely under control

In all, there are twelve Kup Jarn movements found in Biu Jee, of which none can be applied with maximum power without the implementation of supporting movements found within all three forms. This is why one cannot understand Biu Gee without mastering the previous forms first

- Master -
Mok Yan Jong

In practicing the Wooden Dummy form, the following points must be noted

  1. The Co-ordination of footwork, Yiu Ma (shifting) and hand movements
  2. Travel the shortest distance from one movement to another
  3. Proper understanding in the application of every technique

- Master -
Lok Dim Bun Gwun


- Master -
Bart Cham Dao


- Upcoming -
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- Opening -

Thursday: Indoor Disciple Training

9.00am- 11.00am,

5.00pm- 7:00pm

Sunday: 8.00am - 10:30pm


Company -

Blk 24 #38-254 Ghim Moh Link
Singapore 270024
Tel: 65-96957884



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