Leung Bik

Mr. Bik (先生璧)

Leung Bik

Leung Bik 梁璧 Teacher of Ip Man, Son of Leung Jan

The Singapore Ip Man Ving Tsun Kuen has done extensive research into the existance of Leung Bik. The verified sources includes

1. Picture. Extremely rare picture of Leung Bik from Leung Man Lok (Leung Bik's grandson)

2. Precious relic and antique Book. From the Ip Man Family the physical medical, herbs and dim mak books of Leung Jan-Leung Bik-Ip Man-Ip Ching that are now housed in Ip Man Tong donated by Grandmaster Ip Ching

3. Video Interview with Grandmaster Fung Chun(Leung Jan Lineage) on how many sons did Leung Jan have?

4. Written historical article displayed as reocrd on the wall of Leung Jan Hall. A personal article that is written on the wall of Leung Jan Hall in Kulo Village on the lineage of Leung Jan to Leung Bik to Ip Man

5. Video Interview with Grandmaster Tam Woon Biu(Chan Wah Shun Chan Yiu Ming lineage) on the Lineage of Leung Jan to Leung Bik, Chan Wah Shun that hangs on the Shunde Guangzhou Wing Chun Kwoon wall

6. China Goverment Research historical article. In Foshan Museum articles http://www.foshanmuseum.com

7. China Goverment Research historical article. Heshan Kulo Goverment Articles http://gulao.heshan.gov.cn/html/2003/08/20030814102711-1.htm

8. China Goverment Research historical article, Foshan Government Articles

9. Written and oral record via Pan Nam Family recorded Lineage

10. Written and oral record via Yiu Choi Family(student of Yuen Chai Wan and Ng Chun So) recorded Lineage

11. Written and oral record from lineage via Yuen Chai Wan(Older brother of Yuen Kay San) Vietnam Wing Chun lineage records Ip Man learnt from Leung Bik

12. Written and oral record from Jiu Wan lineage via students written history, it is recorded, Ip Man learnt from Leung Bik.

13. Article. The rarest of interviews, the public mention and personal word of Ip Man in New Martial Hero of learning from Leung Bik, 1 of 2 only recorded interviews from Ip Man.

14. NEW AND LATEST- Historical record of the family tree by Living descendant Leung Wen Le 梁文乐, Leung Bik Grandson and showing Leung Jan had amongst his son a son called Leung Bik who as complied by him, was in Hongkong and taught Ip Man. He is Wingchun 7th Generation Successor. He also revealed the family continued Leung Jan business in a medical hall called 荣生堂

15. Book. The most precious of all evidence, the written history in Ving Tsun Bible by Grandmaster Ip Ching, recording Ip Man was a student of Leung Bik.

16. Powerful new evidence by Sifu Wong Freddy. The Grandson of Leung Jan Leung Man Lok, was invited to put his name on the Marble Plege in the Shaolin temple, next to Yuen Kay San Descendent, Leung Niu, and also Yiu Choi lineage, 2 of the 3 Foshan heros of Wingchun

17. Chu Chong Man Lineage. Research via Wingchunpedia by Mok Po On, a student of Chu Chong Man repeats the story that his Sigung Ngau Shu learnt along side with Leung Bik. The information was passed down by the Legendary Iron Fist Chu Chong Man who was taught by Ngau Shu that Ngau Shu was fellow students with Leung Bik learning together under Leung Jan. http://www.wingchunpedia.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=WCP.StoryOfBigMountainShu-byMokPoOn All these sources record Leung Bik as real person who existed. Many of these articles and records are placed on public display on the walls of their schools e.g Chan Wah Shun lineage and Kulo Wing Chun lineage. In Museums, Government Websites. The families of wingchun for all these years believed the existence of Leung Bik solely because it was Oral Tradition passed down.

17 sources, many independent ones, different wing chun families in different countries, some unrelated to Ip Man recorded it as fact. The Chinese government who employs Scholars and Professors to research and document the historic facts were tasked to find these facts and publish them on government websites and museums. Today the Grandson of Leung Bik who is still alive has shown the family record from his grandfather to him recording all the children and their whereabouts as per old family tradition- a family tree. He was recently seen putting his name down on Stone at the Shaolin temple, at an event organized by GM William Cheung to bring Wing Chun back to Shaolin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll1kBqK32v4 http://www.kungfumagazine.com/forum/showthread.php?53075-The-Lineage-of-Yip-Man&s=fbbe18381e141c372e6f708be49b065f