Tactical Self Defence

Destroy and Drop any enemy in 3 secs or less

Tactical Self Defence

Master Sifu Bertrand Lim

SIM-VTK, Singapore Ip Man Ving Tsun Kuen has amassed 40 years of martial arts experience and teach them as:

3 Pillars

  1. Ip Man Ving Tsun Kung Fu via Ip Ching
  2. Tactical Self Defence based on Ving Tsun, Traditional arts of Shuai Jiao, Chin Na, Boxing and MMA and Impact Weapons based on Pekiti Tirsia via Tuhon Tim Waid.
  3. Healing and Qigong based on Qi Vitality, Han Yang Ru Yi Gong, Bioenergy and Longevitology

Pressure Points that take down targets in 3 seconds of less, irregardless of the size of the attacker

Impact Weapons e.g Tactical Torch, Tactical Pen are taught to take amplify the impact of the Strikes.




"Truely the best Kung Fu school in South East Asia. I travel from Johor to train for years and still do it weekly"

FMC Inc.

"Sifu has a wealth of experience in so many arts that its mind boggling. Never regret learning from SIM-VTK, everything works ."

— Mr Ivan 
Pasir Ris.

"Sifu is the real deal, and he does not believe in fake certs, macdojos and self promoted Masters. With 40 years of experience, he does self defence effortlessly!"

— Senior Student
since 2010.