Ip Man’s Rules of conduct, Wing Chun Jo Fen 葉問詠春祖訓

1) Remain disciplined and uphold your-self ethically as a martial artist.
2) Practice courtesy and righteousness, love your country, honour your family and respect your parents.
3) Love your fellow students, be united and enjoy working together in a harmony.
4) Control your bodily desires, preserve the sound spirit and stay healthy.
5) Train diligently and keep practicing, keep your skills throughout your life.
6) Learn to develop your chi (ki), avoid the attitude of arguments and aggression.
7) Your character in your daily life should be always moderate, kind and gentle in your manners.
8) Help the weak and the disadvantaged (old and young), use your martial skill to keep the justice.
9) Pass on the tradition, preserve and uphold these Rules of Conduct.