Ip Man 4, a thought provoking movie

Ip Man 4 is a thought provoking movie.
I was expecting lots of fighting and action, which I got, but I walked away with emotions that I have not come to terms with yet
This movie involves Sigung Ip Man, and tells a fictional story of him going to the United States for Sifu Ip Ching. Yes, that part is truely fictional. But there are parts that are true, he did have cancer, and his wife passed away. And thats when Sifu Ip Ching and Sifu Ip Chun left china and went to hongkong to live with Ip Man.
The emotional elements in this story are complex. It evolves around the issues of 1. Racism and oppression in a foreign country 2. Standing up as a martial artist for those who cannot as we are asked to in the Ip Man Code of Conduct 3. Family ties, that we are to take care of our family, till our last breath.
I watched it for the action, and I got alot more than action. In terms of action, I have to say, the fighting was not as intense as Ip Man 1, but it also showed a tired Ip Man, tired from life and its many difficulties, and the toll it took on him. You see the sense of the father's love for his son, Ip Ching, but you also see the tiredness in his eyes.
In the fight sequences, there is much to think about to. A more powerful person from Karate, wrestling or even Tae kwon do, whom I had the honour to meet at a dinner last night, a 5th dan Master who is 78, who can still kick with tremendous power to the head, and show life taking techniques, or Grandmaster Han of Shaolin Wuzu who tells me how they are renown for the heavy fist, and they KO many other opponents in the UK
Will my Fast fists, Short bridge, Yiu Ma, Quick reflexes bring me on top of a fighter like that? It makes me reflect on Goju Ryu Karate, Master Mas Oyama who killed 53 bulls with his punches, Wuzuquan masters where Goju Ryu inheritated their art from.
In the words of Master Dennis Wang, my benefactor in Healing Qigong, its all about the power. Develop Power.
Had the honour of meeting a Wuzuquan and Wu Mei Master, Master Yap Bo Heong last night, and he is the most gentleman of people yet so highly skilled. And he talked about sitting down and exchanging. Similarly in the movie, the story is calling for the chinese martial arts community to stop in fighting and to unite and show the best of chinese kungfu.
Very complex, very thought provoking, will have to rewatch to really put these thoughts across better.

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