In memory of Sifu Ip Ching

Sifu Ip Ching's wake is today at 5pm

I have been watching flight prices since I knew of his passing last Saturday

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對於葉正師父的離世 師母多謝大家的問候 並想告之師父是在初二早上凌晨53分仙逝的 地點為沙田善寧之家"

My plan was simple. Fly in and out, Friday in, Sat out.

However since Singapore put itself in a state of quarantine due to the Corona virus, and with the family coughing and having flu symptoms for the last few weeks, leaving the country becomes a legality issue.

I miss him so much and will endeavour to write as much as possible about learning from him

Till date, I still cant believe that a Singaporean, has learnt directly from him and was issued an instructor certificate stating trained by him under the Ving Tsun Athletic Association. When that happened, it was one of the greatest honour and nothing has changed since

There is so much to say about regrets, family and time with Sifu. My dad Robert Lim passed on last year after 6 months of fighting in the hospital, and before that 1 year of going in and out of hospital. Sifu Lim passed a couple of months back, and Sifu Ip has passed on the second day of Chinese New Year.

Here is a video of my last private lesson in hongkong 3 years back captured by some friends from overseas.

I have not been able to bring myself to upload videos of Sifu and me doing training yet. For now, the pain of losing my source of wingchun is too much.

Always remember the source of water you drink from


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