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Han Yang Ru Yi
A unique form of qigong, the Han Yang Ru Yi Gong, was founded by Grand Master Shao Xing Xuan, a professional qigong doctor from China.

Different from the usual qigong, Han Yang emphasizes in “Achieve Stillness with Movement; Develop Yin within Yang”. In the normal case, the movement type of qigong is generating more yang while the still type of qigong (like meditation) is generating more yin. Therefore, practitioners usually practise both to enhance both yang and yin.

However, Han Yang Ru Yi is able to enhance both yang and yin within the exercise.

The purpose of Han Yang Ru Yi Gong is to enhance both the yin and yang qi in the body and deal with the qi flow in the body.

It activates internal qi, enhances internal qi, gathers external qi, and circulates qi in all the meridians, flushes stagnant qi and stores qi in the lower Dan Tian.

Aside from enhancing yin and yang qi in our body, the founder, Grand Master Shao can also use it to provide treatment to cure aliments.

Equipped with knowledge of Han Yang Ru Yi Gong, Grand Master Shao has travelled around the world giving medical treatments, and at the same time demonstrating the power of qigong.

Qi Gong Treatment

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), medical qigong is one of the five branches of qigong. It uses the qi to direct qi flow, or life force in the body, for medical benefits. The practitioner will direct qi energy to the patient through his hands, eyes or even thoughts without any physical contact.

The other four branches of qigong are Taoist, Confucian, Buddhist and Martial Arts.

From the view point of qigong masters, a healthy body should have equal balance of yin and yang energy. Illness occurs when there is disruption in the qi flow of imbalance of yin and yang energy in the body.

Usually, someone who is unhealthy has to seek help from qigong master to control the disruptive qi flow.

By practising qigong, we will experience enhanced blood flow, electro-magnetic flow, hormonal production, heat flow and vibratory flow.

The generated qi is stored in the lower part of "Dan Tien", 5cm below the naval. Qi will flow through the 8 primary meridians and 12 secondary meridians in the body from there.

While most people can feel the qi flowing during treatments, only a handful can see it.

During the treatment process, the practitioner uses his own qi and surrounding energy to "re-arrange" the qi flow of the patient's body.

In scientific terms, qigong equals to moving "energy" along nervous system to stimulate the body in a beneficial manner.

Stimulating and enhancing the nervous system, it can affect the body's hormonal activity. In other words, having a balanced flow of "energy" in the nervous system equals to balanced hormones.

According the Master Shao, 80% of his patients got better after the qigong treatments. Others were not healed because they were not determined enough or their medical ailment was too advanced.