High Res Full Color Images of Bruce Lee and Grandmaster Ip Man

Were you as excited as I was when I saw these High Resolution pictures of Ip Man and Bruce Lee doing chi sau and standing in a Traditional Sifu and Disciple picture?

Its speaks volumes about their relationship. And you are not going to find many other students with pictures of them with Ip Man alone least even in Chi Sau position.

I have uploaded a ton of more pictures here on Facebook, so have a look.


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  1. PJ Pereira on May 19, 2020 at 1:36 am

    Hello, I’m a wing chun practitioner living in America (lp Man lineage through his nephew Lo Man Kam>John Kang>Will Yturriaga) and wanted to have a nice picture of gm IpMan in my training area. Do you happen to have these black and white pictures in high res I can download?

    Thanks a lot

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