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We instruct you in the Healing Modalities of Qi Vitality, Han Yang Ru Yi Gong, Longevitology and Bioenergy

Develop inner power CHI, mindfulness and joy

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Stillness and action are relative, not absolute, principles. It is important to find a balance of yin and yang, not just in qigong, but in everyday life. In movement, seek stillness and rest. In rest, be mindful and attentive. Ken Cohen


Ivan Rocca

Ivan Rocca is the founder of Biotherapy Asia. He runs Biotherapy clinics in Koh Samui and in Hongkong. 

The basis of Biotherapy is immune system stimulation and modulation with a human bioenergy generated bioelectromagnetic field.

In 2016 I was one of the first people in Singapore to learn the art of Biotherapy.


Prof Yu-Feng Wei

Longevity is a practice (kung-fu) that involves the body, the heart , and the spirit . It was originated from Dr. Lin Tse-Hung, a medical practitioner in Los Angeles, California.

Upon being exposed to some energy medicine, Dr. Lin recommended and encouraged teacher Lin Tse-Chen to participate. Teacher Lin refined it with actual clinical experience, freed it of unneccessary attachments, and added new concepts, theories, and methods, thus creating a new path in the modern day search for physical, mental, and spiritual health-Longevity.

With all the research, the experiment and experience, Prof Wei Yu Feng came in to participate with Longevitology. After completing his intermediate class, he commented that he felt of ability to help others by making adjustments through the universal energy. From the experience, it has found that any causes of illness be it from the body, heart or the spirit can be corrected if practitioners hold compassionate hearts and sympathy to others and extend both hands to help.

Now Prof Wei Yu Feng and Teacher Lin Tse-Chen went all over the country to pass them the experience and taught how to help others through channeling universal energy naturally.


Sigung Peter Yang Dashi

Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies is founded by Lama Dondrup Dorje Rinpoche to promote the propagation of Buddha Dharma in accordance to the lineage transmission of Buddhist traditions.

During the years I learnt from Sigung Peter Young, he taught

Yiquan Zhan Zhuang

Small heavenly circle

Big Heavenly circle

Ba Duan Jin

I Chin Ching

Bone Marrow Washing

Alternate Nostril breathing aka Pranic Energy Channelling


Hsing I Santi Si

Reverse breathing

Taoist dissolving practices

Opening and closing exercises of Spine, Shoulder, Kua

Hsing I Rise, Drill, Overturn Fall

Spinal exercise Willow drinks water.

Laogong, Dantian, Yong Quan circling

Chen Style Silk Reeling Yin Yang Taiji Circle

Bagua Circle Walking

Ling Kong Jing Push Pull Hands.


(LATE) Sifu Lim Kwee Hiong is a Master in Yang Style Taiji under the lineage of Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan.

Sifu Lim taught me the Fukien White Crane system of Ming He, or Singing Crane. The sound of the breath and Babulian which trained the explosiveness of Shocking power. He also taught me his system of 56 Style Taiji. To my knowledge I am one in two people in the World he taught.

Amongst the skills he imparted to me were Pai Da Gung, Taiji Zhan Zhuang Qigong,  Ming He Fukien White Crane Sam Chin Qigong and 5 loosening exercises, Song Sheng Wu Fa

He also taught me the Huang Sheng Shyan system of Iron Shield, Neigung that allowed one to take blows to the body.


Sifu Nicholas Chia- Founder Qi Vitality

Sifu is a fervent God fearing christian who teaches Qigong in his church and in different locations. He is as generous and gentlemanly as a man can be and I am indebted to have learnt  this system through him through the years.

Qi Vitality' structured breathing techniques enable the practitioner to generate, harness and circulate Qi to achieve a heightened state of holistic equilibrium. The 'mind-body in harmony' connection is achieved with the training of the "Yi" (focus/intent).

An Old Qigong goes like this "where the focus is, Qi will flow there". The mind-body connection ultimately leads to relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system which, if blocked, will give rise to stress-related illnesses.

The system combines the best practices of the three established martial arts and meditation disciplines into one regimen:

  •  The Northern Shaolin Inner Power Qigong, which focuses on the circulation within the body, is the basis of the system's breathing techniques.
  •  The principles of Southern Shaolin Wu Mei Nei Gong (the Art of the Fighting Nun), which concentrates on strengthening the internal body, are adapted for techniques to develop the inner power of Qi.
  •  Chi Meditation Self-Healing Methods, which evolved from Parayama and Kundalini Yoga Meditation systems. From these systems come the Chinese system of the flow of yang energy from the spine - Tu channel (central nervous system) and the yin energy flow of the front - Ren channel (autonomous nervous system), which we now call the microcosmic or inner orbit (small heavenly orbit, as the Chinese calls it) provides a powerful tool to trigger the self-healing mechanism with its complete yin and yang flow.

The system includes

5 types of Breath= Fu, Chui, Tu, Pi, Xi

Warm up= Hands Flicking (sideways, palms upwards and downwards), Snake Form- Yin version, Yang version, Turtle Form, Anti Osteoporosis

Stretching=Butterfly Stretch, Qigong(Small Crane) Walk, Sword Stretch

Swings=Fong Yang Swing, Mao Swing

Organ exercises= Lungs, Heart, Liver and Spleen, Digestive Organs, Kidney

5 Elements breathing= Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Wood

Meditation= 10 Postures Meditation Zhan Zhuang (Earth Position, Magnetic Ball, Chi to Dan Tian, Standing Zen, Sky Position, Chi to Bai Hui, Chi to Upper Dan Tian / Third Eye, Chi to Middle Dan Tian, Store Chi at Lower Dan Tian, Earth Position)

Power Meditation, Golden Bell Meditation, Small Heavenly Circle aka Inner Orbit, Heat Building meditation, Tortoise Breathing, Block Breathing

Others- Qigong Stance, Unbendable arm, Iron Bridge, Wu Mei Nei Gung Iron Shirt(Warrior's Breath), Dragon Claw, Tiger Claw, Eagle Walk, White Crane Spreads its wings, Carp Position, Yi Chi Kung, Sup Bah Loh Han Sao, Qi Gong Chan Fa, Qi Gong Walk (advance), Magnetic Dance, Gathering Chi or Chai Chi, Fa Chi - Transmitting Chi, Magnetic Ball, Lymphatic Drainage