Han Yang Ru Yi Gong International is founded by Qigong Master Dennis Wang. He is the first and longest disciple of Grandmaster Shao Xing Xuan.
In 2020, Master Dennis decided to open up to teach this powerful healing art passed down to him, Han Yang Ru Yi Gong to as many people as possible.
Currently, Master Dennis has many invitations to teach internationally and has taught in Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of the world. In the recent Martial Man Camp in Chiang Mai, international participants were astouned by the powerful healing abilities of Han Yang Ru Yi Gong and many left for their countries inviting Master Wang to go and teach them this rare healing art.
Master Dennis Wang is the Chief Consultant and teacher of Singapore Ip Man Ving Tsun Kuen in the art of Healing and Qigong. He has many students throughout the years who have learnt and benefited from him.