Grandmaster Ip Ching

He was born Ip Hok-ching in Foshan in 1936 as the second son of Ip Man and his wife Cheung Wing-sing. This was short lived as his parents and his sister Ip Nga-sum had to leave and travel to Hong Kong in about 1950 in search of a better life for the family, with only his mother and sister returned home later on.

In 1962, due to the Cultural Revolution, Ip Ching and his older brother Ip Chun were forced to leave Foshan and moved to Hong Kong to join their father.

As well as learning Wing Chun at his father's home, Ip Ching also was an avid observer of his father teaching other students. In turn gaining valuable insight on his father’s teaching methods.

After Ip Man's death in 1972, Ip Ching continued to resided in his father's home. He later ran a manufacturing business in Lam Tei, New Territories, and continued to teach Wing Chun privately to his disciples in his home.

In 1994, he retired and devoted himself to full-time teaching in Wing Chun.

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