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Looking back upon 40 years of Martial Arts Warriorship

Happy Winter Solstice from Singapore Ip Man Ving Tsun Kuen

By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 22, 2019 |
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By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 22, 2019 |

SIM-VTK is very blessed to have been taught the art of Longevitology via Prof Wei from Taiwan.

The art of healing has had many testimonials and incredible results.

Personally I found the system, simple and effective. I particularly enjoyed the meditation that they teach- the art of mindfulness.

My students at SIM-VTK were also encouraged to follow in the following intakes and they did.

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SIM-VTK is Blessed

By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 22, 2019 |

We are so blessed at SIM-VTK to have Master Dennis Wang of Han Yan Ru Yi Gong, to grace our training at Ghim Moh Link.

Besides teaching Ip Man Ving Tsun Kuen via Sifu Ip Ching, we also train in Han Yang Ru Yi Gong and practice as healers in qigong

A great honour for us and the Kwoon.

Join us, anytime.

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Ip Man Code of Conduct

By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 21, 2019 |

Ip Man Code of Conduct also known as Wing Chun Jo Fen

Wingchun Jo Fen was a code of ethics for wingchun practitioners to live by

Sadly today, most of these ideas and principles are no longer ways of life

Sifu Ip Ching wrote his father's Ip Man teachings in a book called Wing Chun Jo Fen for all wingchun descendants to emulate and follow.



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A old friend and good looking student

By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 18, 2019 |
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High Res Full Color Images of Bruce Lee and Grandmaster Ip Man

By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 13, 2019 |

Were you as excited as I was when I saw these High Resolution pictures of Ip Man and Bruce Lee doing chi sau and standing in a Traditional Sifu and Disciple picture?

Its speaks volumes about their relationship. And you are not going to find many other students with pictures of them with Ip Man alone least even in Chi Sau position.

I have uploaded a ton of more pictures here on Facebook, so have a look.

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Remembering Ip Man 3

By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 6, 2019 |
IP-Man-3-blue poster
Ip Man 3
Ip Man 3 (2)

Seems like Eons ago, but once again, so grateful to Shaw Bosses, Shaw Organisation for inviting us to the Gala of Ip Man 3

Good times, never last, but memories will last forever.

#ipman3 #ipman4 #donnieyen #SIM-VTK #wingchun #vingtsun

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Training in the Snow

By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 6, 2019 |

Edward Ooi is a Senior Student of SIM-VTK and a devoted martial artist

He has trained in Muay Thai under the Famed Master Johnny, Master Stephen Fox, Master Alvin Seet and has experienced real combat in Muay Thai matches in Thailand.

Edward started in SIM- VTK 5 years back and is now the Instructor for SIM-VTK Malaysia.

He has also learnt Han Yan Ru Yi Qigong and Longevitology as part of his warrior journey

Edward is Vice Chairman of MICCI in Johor and Country Level and a well known businessman in the community. He runs the MNC FMC in Malaysia and has many commendations from the Malaysian Government.

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Beautiful Moment Caught on camera of a Student Practicing a take-down

By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 6, 2019 |
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Guess whats happening on the 10th Dec at Lido?

By Shadow_warrior88 | Dec 6, 2019 |

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