A Sad Day for SIM-VTK

This is a sad day for SIM-VTK

Sifu Lim, a Renown Taiji master has passed away after a long fight with Stroke and related symptoms

He was the person responsible for showing me Huang Sheng Shyan Taiji and Minghe Fukien White Crane.

It was his teachings that allowed us to develop the explosive force in our strikes, and use our breath to enhance our strike.

He also taught us the Nei Gung of Huang Sheng Shyan Iron Body conditioning.

As a teacher-father, he treated me much like a son and taught me selflessly and without holding back. He was a true Sifu in every sense of the word.

below is a rare picture of him because he is one who never likes to take pictures.

Despite the stroke he was still pushing hands with me with his good side, and winning. He was always passionate about Taiji. he didnt do taiji, he embodied taiji. It was fused into him.

It was in this picture that I remember him telling me, dont take so long to come and see me again.

He will be missed deeply. Rest in Peace Sifu,

Your Disciple

Bertrand Lim

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