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Archive for December 2019

Ip Ching Wooden Dummy

Ip Ching Sifu would say, no Yiu Ma, no Ving Tsun. Wooden Dummy section 1 is all about Yiu Ma. In Siu Lim Tao, he showed me Tun Gwun, to develop the power of the punch. And when he thought my Siu Lim Tao was good enough to move forward, he showed me how to…

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Ip Man 4, a thought provoking movie

Ip Man 4 is a thought provoking movie.   I was expecting lots of fighting and action, which I got, but I walked away with emotions that I have not come to terms with yet   This movie involves Sigung Ip Man, and tells a fictional story of him going to the United States for…

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Great meeting with Grandmasters

We are so blessed to spend the evening with Master Dennis Wang Han Yang Ru Yi Gong and his martial good friends, Master Yap of Wuzuquan Malaysia, Grandmaster Han of Wuzuquan UK, 5th Dan Tae Kwon Master who is 78, and true street fighter and great company. The sharing of martial lineages training methods and…

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SIM-VTK is very blessed to have been taught the art of Longevitology via Prof Wei from Taiwan. The art of healing has had many testimonials and incredible results. Personally I found the system, simple and effective. I particularly enjoyed the meditation that they teach- the art of mindfulness. My students at SIM-VTK were also encouraged…

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SIM-VTK is Blessed

We are so blessed at SIM-VTK to have Master Dennis Wang of Han Yan Ru Yi Gong, to grace our training at Ghim Moh Link. Besides teaching Ip Man Ving Tsun Kuen via Sifu Ip Ching, we also train in Han Yang Ru Yi Gong and practice as healers in qigong A great honour for…

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Ip Man Code of Conduct

Ip Man Code of Conduct also known as Wing Chun Jo Fen Wingchun Jo Fen was a code of ethics for wingchun practitioners to live by Sadly today, most of these ideas and principles are no longer ways of life Sifu Ip Ching wrote his father’s Ip Man teachings in a book called Wing Chun…

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