Wing Chun Products for order
 Model A- Tripod Dummy with
Upgrades 1. Padding 2. Spring Base
Model B- Tripod Dummy with 
Upgrade 1. JKD Dummy Head 2. Word Carving 
Model C- Basic Suction Cup Dummy
Available Upgrades to dummy orders
1. Upgrade to JKD dummy Head
2. Upgrade to Spring Tripod Base
3. Padding 3 pieces $50
4. Craving of Ip man Wing Chun Characters $50 
Wooden Bart Jam Dao 
9 foot(2.7M) Lok Dim Bun Gwun with tapered ends
also called Rat Tail Pole 
1 Section Wall Bags(Great for Iron Palm and Fist Conditioning)
3 Section Wall Bags, Good quality with D hooks 
(Great for striking, jabs, hooks, knees, elbows)
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