Testimonials by students of Ip Man Ving Tsun Kuen
Lance : Before joining the current wingchun class in Singapore led by Sifu Bertrand Lim, my physical health is not very good as I used to fall sick often, but after joining it, not only I became healthier physically but also mentally as I know how to keep myself cool and relaxed when facing circumstances. Other than being healthy in both physically and mentally, I am also more confident of being able to defend myself if I were to face some issues in life as I have learned many different types of combative - styled self defenses and also learned how to execute them for the past 1.5 years, compared to the first time when I first joined Singapore Ip Man Wingchun Kuen, whereby I am unable to stand up for myself and being bullied by others on the street and very nervous, thus stopping me to have a calm mind to deal with real - life situations. I am very honored to be taught by Singapore's only sole representative and senior master, Sifu Bertrand Lim.
Zhen Wei : Through the teachings of Sifu Bertrand Lim, I have learnt the through essence of Ip Man Wing Chun. Passed down from Sigung Samuel Kwok, student of Ip Man's 2 sons, Ip Ching and Ip Chun, the power, strength and speed I gained from it is priceless. The martial virtue, confidence, emotional content and combativeness was nothing I had before knowing Sifu and learning Wing Chun.

Shao Wei : Before joining the class, I did not have confidence in defending myself, I felt that if the need ever does arise, it would be best to try and escape unscathed. However after joining the class, I've gained more confidence in defending myself and if the need ever arise, when there is no way to escape, especially with people I have to protect, I would be able to atleast attempt to defend them and hopefully leave the situation with as unscathed as possible.

Ying Jie : Became a better learner, and gained more confidence since joining the class. Learn what is taught, Practise what is learnt, Apply what is trained. From there, one will then be able to distinguish between practical and not.

Tushar : I began learning under Sifu Bertrand because I merely wanted to add another skill to my résumé; but what I found instead was a burning passion, a Way of Life and, most importantly, a large family that spanned decades and continents. 
Hor Cheng : Before joining this class, i was always cautious with people around me, afraid of meeting some thugs on the street. Now, after just a few months in this class, I've obtained a confidence I never had before, and I can confidently walk down the street without
ever being scared, because now I can safeguard my safety without relying on others.

Keng Hsiang : Sifu teaches us combative Ip Man Wing Chun which we can use to defend ourselves and our loved ones, strengthen ourselves physically and mentally, martial virtues and how to avoid or handle conflict. He is able to blend them together and teach us in a way which we can learn and understand the art. I am truly grateful to be a student and learn this great art passed down by its ancestors.
My thanks to all the students who have written testimonials, it is my honour and blessing to be able to lead them and guide them along this path of wingchun, to empower them to protect themselves, and their loved ones and to find confidence, discipline and self control and the true martial artist in themselves. - Sifu Bertrand Lim
A special note to lance- thank you very much for helping me compile all these testimonials