My journey in Qigong 氣功 - The Art of Breathing 

For the longest time in martial arts, I have been involved in the art of breathing, from the "Ki-ai" Shouts in Tae Kwon Do before the strike or kick to the more esoteric methods of Kuji Kiri and 5 elemental breathing in Ninjutsu.
I remember many a nights practicing Autogenics (Autogenic training is a relaxation technique developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz in 1932) and Yoga Nostril Breathing and feeling awed by the art of the breath and how it can calm the mind and bring peace and a sense of mindfulness.
Qigong or Chi kung 氣功 literally means the Art Of Breathing. It is the practice of aligning breathe with movement. We use breathing patterns to create different sensations in the body, much like slow breathing calms you down, hyerventiliating makes one tense or excited.
In Qigong the mind guides the breathing. Where your mind is, your qi flows there as well.
Quite simply qigong is the art of breath, using the intention or mind to guide the way you breath.
There are deep misconceptions by many people and faiths is that qigong is some mystical or esoteric practice bundled by deep religious beliefs. Nothing could be further from the truth. While there exist some elements of qigong that fall into that category, most qigong is merely breathing to relax the mind and body or to help in better deep breathing methods e.g Autogenics
 My mission in Qigong
During my 30 over years in martial arts I discovered there are many practitioners of martial arts who do not understand qigong, even though they talk about it as part of their art, and then there are qigong practitioners who don’t see they are doing actually doing taiji like internal movements. Breathing helps many things, if one is tired, breathing quickly helps oxygenate the body to be more alert, when one is tense or nervous, deep breathing helps slow down the rhythm of the mind enabling one to be more calm
I would like to relate 3 incidents that led me to serious studies in Qigong and Neigong   
The First incident
An elderly man 70s who was a seasoned taiji practitioner came to learn wingchun from me, at the expense of his wife and daughter being quite cross with him. The Wingchun I taught was explosive and deadly, but it was not suitable for people who had poor health. During one practice, he regurgitated water. He sadly showed me his medical certificate that the doctors deemed him unfit for exercise. Before he left, he bought 2 of our class tshirts as momentos. I was unable to teach him and that left me quite distraught. That led me to ask questions, could I create a wingchun system that even the sick and elderly could benefit from?
The Second incident
I met Master Tan Soo Kong twice in Malaysia who demonstrated the amazing healing power of qigong. He was the only Qigong Master authorised by the Malaysian Goverment to teach qigong to hospitals. He was able to help cancer patients and many other conditions that the doctors had given up on. From his lineage, I seeked out Master Nicholas Chia of Qi Dynamics(founded by Master Anthony Wee). It is Master Chia, that I owe many of the healing techniques I teach. He is currently the Chief Instructor for Qi Vitality Pte Ltd and teaches healing qigong with a deep understanding of modern medical science and fortunately for many, in english.
The Third incident
I witnessed my Wing Chun Sifu, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok do a healing on a sidai, Cheong from Penang for his shoulder pain after surgery. It was also Sifu Kwok who encouraged me to go and learn qigong to help others. 
Moving Forward.....Learning to Breathe is Common Sense yet ignored. In the course of my training to be a Qigong Master, I witnessed my own taiji teacher fall to poor health, a bad stroke and many of my immediate family and relatives downtrodden with Heart Problems, Diabetes, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Parkinsons, Biopolar. I also found out that many martial arts masters were sick and had poor health in their old age. I knew without a shadow of a doubt I had to learn and master this art of qigong.
These are the energy work I have practiced from the various masters and give tribute to
Lama Dondrup Dorje - Yiquan Zhan Zhuang, Small heavenly circle, Big Heavenly circle, Ba Duan Jin, I Chin Ching, Bone Marrow Washing, Alternate Nostril breathing aka Pranic Energy Channelling,  Meditation, Hsing I Santi Si Reverse breathing, Taoist dissolving practices, Opening and closing exercises of Spine, Shoulder, Kua, Hsing I Rise, Drill, Overturn Fall, Spinal exercise Willow drinks water. Laogong, Dantian, Yong Quan circling, Chen Style Silk Reeling Yin Yang Taiji Circle, Bagua Walking and Neigung, Ling Kong Jing Push Pull Hands.
Master Lim - Huang Sheng Shyan Lineage- Taiji Neigung aka Iron Shield and Pai Da Gung, Taiji Zhan Zhuang Qigong,  White Crane Sam Cheen Qigong, Song Sheng Wu Fa
Master Samuel Kwok- Chigong healing
Master Nicholas Chia-
5 types of Breath= Fu, Chui, Tu, Pi, Xi 
Warm up= Hands Flicking (sideways, palms upwards and downwards), Snake Form- Yin version, Yang version, Turtle Form, Anti Osteoporosis  
Stretching=Butterfly Stretch, Qigong(Small Crane) Walk, Sword Stretch
Swings=Fong Yang Swing, Mao Swing
Organ exercises= Lungs, Heart, Liver and Spleen, Digestive Organs, Kidney
5 Elements breathing= Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Wood
Meditation= 10 Postures Meditation Zhan Zhuang (Earth Position, Magnetic Ball, Chi to Dan Tian, Standing Zen, Sky Position, Chi to Bai Hui, Chi to Upper Dan Tian / Third Eye, Chi to Middle Dan Tian, Store Chi at Lower Dan Tian, Earth Position)  
Power Meditation, Golden Bell Meditation, Small Heavenly Circle aka Inner Orbit, Heat Building meditation, Tortoise Breathing, Block Breathing 
Others- Qigong Stance, Unbendable arm, Iron Bridge, Wu Mei Nei Gung Iron Shirt(Warrior's Breath), Dragon Claw, Tiger Claw, Eagle Walk, White Crane Spreads its wings, Carp Position, Yi Chi Kung, Sup Bah Loh Han Sao, Qi Gong Chan Fa, Qi Gong Walk (advance), Magnetic Dance, Gathering Chi or Chai Chi, Fa Chi - Transmitting Chi, Magnetic Ball, Lymphatic Drainage
*Many of these are nei gung practices, keep secret only for indoor disciples or family members. Neigung and Qigong were kept secrets, that were seldom taught outside of the inner circles. Learning them empowers one to power the strikes, kicks, throws to much greater power.
The body is the temple of God- and its a miracle by itself, the body has the ability to heal itself(e.g cuts, bruises, others), In allowing proper blood flow through breathing and relaxation this practice allows the body to fulfil the god given purpose of healing itself- Master Bertrand Lim
I humbly thank these Masters for their teachings in helping connect the dots between martial arts and breathing.